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We have a commitment to People which is why we work

co-operatively, with particular emphasis on:


Valuing People

Positive Relationships

Active Participation

Person Centred Services

Supporting Diversity & Integration


We have a commitment to the Planet which is why we recycle, rework, up-cycle & create new products by reusing pre-loved textiles and why we have developed a range of environmentally friendly work practices & training opportunities.

Everyone who works at ReDress automatically becomes a Group Member, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails.


Group Members’ Outcomes


  • Meaningful occupation in a creative environment

  • Being a Member of a successful co-operative business, promoting a sense of ownership and involvement


  • Learning and developing valuable and transferable literacy, numeracy, practical, business, social and life skills


  • Choices and decision making

  • Awareness of rights and responsibilities


  • Professional contact with the general public


  • Awareness and understanding of environmental issues and solutions


  • Practice of current policies and procedures reflecting up-to-date philosophies and attitudes


  • Increased awareness, understanding, acceptance and recognition of individuality, diversity, equality and inclusion


  • Respect and appreciation of self and others


  • Sense of wellbeing, self-worth and self-confidence


  • Pride in achievement


  • Increased independence


 Taster Days

We are based on the Earth Balance site in Northumberland, on the outskirts of Bedlington. Our unit is an accessible single story building with partitioned training and retail areas.


People can be introduced to ReDress by means of four Taster Days, arranged to suit the requirements of the individual. Potential Group Members will work one-to-one with a named Key Worker and have opportunities to get to know other Group Members, learn about what we do and how we do it and carry out a range of practical and business activities, before deciding whether they would like a permanent place.


For further details or an informal discussion about what we can offer, please contact Joanne Jordan or any of the Team.


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